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We want to be the best guild on the Tyranny server.

In order to achieve that, we need to understand the type of guild we are building. Ascension will focus time and effort on tasks that enhance our core guild culture. We will not focus time and energy on tasks that do not enhance our mission.

Ascension is passionate about:

A. Having fun and relaxing.

B. Adventuring and experiencing a broad variety of AoC content.

What Ascension can be the best at on Tyranny:

A. Gathering a community of passionate, long-term but casual players who value their real life more than the game.

B. Creating real friendships and a sense of camaraderie in a virtual gaming world.

C. Creating a team-oriented social network to experience a broad variety of the AoC content.

What Ascension can NOT be the best at on Tyranny (as a guild):

A. Acquiring powerful items in a short period of time.

B. Completing quests or leveling up characters in a short period of time.

C. Attaining the highest PvP Honor Ranks.

The key factors that make Ascension the best guild for its members:

A. Recruiting and retaining players that share our passions and long-term perspective. They should be people who enjoy developing their character and playing skills. They should also be players that can work well with others in a team.

B. Recruiting and retaining players that are natural leaders – players who can organize people and events.

C. Having access to a large pool of players online during our primary playing time which is 5:00pm to 1:00am (server time), and any time during the weekends.

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